Salad Of The Week: 52 Amazing Salad Recipes For Weight Loss And Healthy Eating “The Delicious Way” (Salads, Salads Recipes, Salads To Go, Salad Cookbook, … Cookbooks Collection Book 1)

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Forget about ‘boring salads’ forever:

Discover How To Make Healthy And Amazingly Delicious Salads For Weight Loss Using Only Easy-To-Find Ingredients From Your Local Supermarket…

Geraldine Ahearn, TOP 500 REVIEWER, VINE VOICE:

“Lisa Brown delivers a remarkable book filled with delicious salad recipes, helpful tips, interesting facts, and much more. The author includes 52 mouth-watering salad recipes, recommended reading, 15 free books for your kindle, and good advice on living a healthy lifestyle. Lisa Brown shows the reader an easy way to healthy eating and weight loss. This book is a golden gem, and a fantastic bargain. I’ll be sharing these recipes with family and friends, throughout the year. Highly recommended!”

Dear Friend,

If you’ll decide to invest in this manual then this probably going to turn out to be the most delicious and healthiest move you’ve ever made in the field of buying cookbooks. Here is why:

My name is Lisa Brown. I’m working mom of two. Our family lives with precious dog named Archie and “ugly mortgage” in sunny California.

I don’t know for sure but it seems to me that I may have tried and collected more really delicious and healthy salad recipes than anyone else that I know. Maybe, I’m exaggerating a little, but here are some proofs:

    The Simple Old-Fashioned Greek Salad Has Made Our Guests From Greece Almost Cry With Joy!

And you’ll learn the real secret to this salad from recipe #1.

The easy-to-prepare salad recipe #2 will show you the delicious way how you too can easily add to your health and receive all the benefits of…

    One Of The World’s Most Healing Superfoods!

The next 50 recipes from this book should remove almost every single roadblock that has ever stopped you from making healthy and more importantly delicious salads.

This is sure to become your go-to resource time and time again!

WARNING: This Is NOT A Common Salad Recipes Book You May Have Seen

This is not just basically ice burg lettuce with different dressings and veggies thrown on top… In this vegetarian/vegan cookbook all the salads are really different from each other.

Also, you’ll find plenty of useful tips, tricks, and interesting facts…

Here Are Some More Important Reasons Why You Might Want To Get This Book:

  • You’ll discover how to make regular salad ingredients taste far, far better, by preparing them in a special way…
  • The unexpected way revealed in the first section will enable you to earn a bunch of money trying these recipes for yourself!
  • This cookbook will prove useful for just about everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.

    Granted it is NOT strictly vegetarian but most of the salad recipes are vegetarian or vegan and with simple adaptions they can all be.
  • You’ll find out the easy way how to workout without working out! It’s obvious, but almost always overlooked…
  • Discover the simple weight loss trick that helped my friend lose 35 pounds in just 3 months, almost effortlessly!

    No diet. No hunger. No workout. No nothing! It’s SO easy you wouldn’t believe it! But, I saw it with my own eyes…

Come closer: Recipes from this cookbook have already generated hundreds of compliments from friends and family for me, my friends and that very select group of people who subscribe to my newsletter. And you can now receive all these incredible recipes and other info for practically nothing. Think about it: It’s less than eight cents ($0.07) per recipe!

    Examine This Cookbook For A Full 7 Days

                100% Risk FREE!

That’s right… If you are not 110% satisfied, you have seven days to go to “Manage Your Kindle” page and ask for a complete Refund.

And, it’s easy to order. Just click the Buy Button NOW!


Lisa Brown.

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